“oh a talbots, that makes sense ‘cuz everyone in katy is a teacher.”

my girlfriend… she’s a crazy one. i fall more in love with her every day. she makes this face, i swear to god, its the cutest face in the world. you’ll have to see it for yourself, words can’t describe it. it’s a surprised/jaw dropping/didyoureallyjustsaythat? kind of face. it’s also the image that pops up when she calls me.

anyway, i digress… my girlfriend, gretchen (names have been changed to protect the innocent) and i both hate (make that detest) katy. katy, texas. the fastest growing suburb in america, as my dad likes to remind me on a daily basis. katy is the kind of city where once you graduate college, you immediately move back to and start a family and buy a mcmansion and live out the rest of your suburbia life.

this, in my idea, is hell. life is too short to spend all your time in one place.

katy, texas- where the food is just “meh”. katy, texas- where the traffic is so bad it makes houston traffic look good.

this blog will be about everything… my life, my ramblings, my city (wherever i may be ) and my love. i’ll try my best to leave out all the juicy details.